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Kuusankoski, Pato Klubi Club

This event offers a wonderful musical experience filled with famous and less familiar jazz music. The band Trio Bravo plays Latin American music and also their own songs. Tickets 10/8 euros, available at The ticket includes coffee.

Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Pato Klubi!

Orilammen Lomakeskus – Holiday Resort

Repovesi National Park area forms a unique district of wilderness. Come and have winter fun in the snow and on ice by skiing or attending snow zumba!  Experience the nordic walking route (5-7 km) Orilampi – Kinansaari - Orilampi and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch afterwards in the lakeside restaurant. Perhaps you should try your luck with ice fishing on lake Vuohijärvi? A hint for Pokemon fans: lures available on Saturday and Sunday 10-13 o’clock.

24.11.2016 – 08.10.2017.
Kouvola centre

Kouvola's Poikilo Museums are full of interesting exhibitions and art. You can find local sport history, but also exhibitions dedicated to celebrating Finland's 100 years of independence.

Experience Poikilo!