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Mountain Biking in Kouvola

Bikes and the great outdoors

Warning: May include mud, sweat and adrenaline!

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It would be a pity, if the elevators in ski centres would stand idle all summer. Luckily, in Kouvola this is not the case. During the summer season, the ski center close to the city centre becomes a bicycle centre. If mountain biking is a bit too extreme for you, you can enjoy the more casual cycling routes in Kouvola.

Bikepark Mielakka

Kymi Anti-Flow is a local group of people that are enthusiastic about biking, especially downhill and enduro. Thanks to them, there are 12 different routes in the Bikepark Mielakka. Some of them are quite extreme, but there are also good routes for beginners.

If you don’t have a mountain bike of your own, you can rent one. If you feel like trying something new, there are “fat bikes” that are quite different some regular bicycles, especially when exploring different outdoor routes.

During the summer time, Bikepark Mielakka hosts several different events, so stick around.

Outdoor routes in Kouvola

If you would like to spend some more time on a bike in a pristine outdoor setting, you can try out the Mäntyharju-Repovesi route. The route is 35 kilometers long and clearly marked. There are several rest stops along the way. Repovesi-Mäntyharju route is an excellent way to see what wonders the Finnish outdoors hold. The best part is, that the fun doesn’t stop here, you can also show your bike the beautiful scenery in the Repovesi National Park. The  routes allowed for biking are marked with a bicycle symbol.

If you need to make some small adjustments or fix your bike when exploring Repovesi National Park, there are some free maintenance equipments available at Orilampi Holiday Resort and Linkkumylly cottages.

Also, keep in mind that in addition to bike rentals, Bikepark Mielakka organise guided bike trips with different activities, including spending the night in a tree.