The city centre in Kouvola is developping

The city centre is evolving

Like every other city, Kouvola has its own hotspots and now one of them is getting makeover.

Kouvola’s main railway and bus station is located right in the city centre so this is the spot where most of the people who visit us arrive. Lately you have most likely noticed that the city centre is looking a bit strange and there is a lot going on. Have no fear, the city centre is just evolving and developpin!

The main Pedestrian Street in Kouvola is called Manski and right now it’s getting major makeover. The renovation is still on going and it should be ready before the end of 2017. The street is getting a new look and you can already admire the fresh feeling from the parts that are ready. Manski is a hotspot in the city centre and you can find accommodation and restaurants near it, so the new look will most likely become familiar with almost everyone who visits Kouvola.

Brand new looks and a new playground

Nearly all the services on Manski Pedestrian Street are open normally, despite the renovations, so you can still enjoy all the services the city centre has to offer. In the future there are obviously more plans to develop the city centre and this is just the beginning.

One of the new additions to the services in the city centre is a brand new playground in the central park of Kouvola. The new playground has a bright orange and blue color scheme and it’s just too pretty not to explore. The park and playground are located right next to Manski Pedestrian Street and there is also a parking space right on the other side of the street near the park, so you can easily park your car there.

Don’t forget that when you’re exploring all the different services the city centre has to offer, you can use the free WiFi that covers most of the city centre. This modern network allows you to share all those wonderful holiday moments to your friends. Don’t forget to use #visitkouvola!

So don’t let the renovations fool you, you are always more than welcome to visit Kouvola!