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Take the bus to nature

Nature is always close in Kouvola. Thanks to a convinient bus connection, all the great destinations in the area of Repovesi and Verla are closer than ever!

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Some of the most popular destinations in Kouvola include Repovesi National Park and our very own UNESCO World Heritage Site Verla. Reaching these destinations is easier than ever, thanks to the bus connection during the summer time.

Summer 2018 timetables

So how can I reach Repovesi and Verla? Easy, with a bus of course! Both destinations are easy to reach with a car, but it’s much more fun to just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

The bus to Repovesi and Verla leaves from the main railway and bus station, located in the city centre. When the bus comes back, it also stops at the main railway and bus station. Download the timetables and begin your adventure!

Please note, that the timetables are valid between 9.6. – 30.9.2018, and 27. – 28.10.2018, including holidays.

The bus ticket costs the same as a local ticket, bank cards are not accepted.

When the busses stop running, we suggest using the group taxi services presented in the t bus timetable.

Conveniently to Kouvola

Well, how I reach Kouvola? Don’t worry, its super easy! Kouvola is a railway hub, so reaching the city with a train from Helsinki and other cities is easy and convenient. You can see the bus and train schedules from the links below.

VR Train timetables

Matkahuolto bus timetables

Repovesi and Verla have a great selection of different services, so you can do more than just admire the stunning nature. See what the area has to offer from the different brochure below, you can also download a map of Repovesi National Park.

Day Trips to Repovesi and Verla

The Repovesitie geocaching trail

Map of Repovesi National Park

So what are you waiting for? An adventure awaits!