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Tykkimäki has three parks and plenty of activities

Tykkimäki – Triple the Fun

Tykkimäki Amusement Park is situated in a beautiful natural environment in Kouvola.

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If you love excitement, sports or a good splash, Kouvola is the right place for you. The largest amusement park in southeast Finland offers the best activities and also has two smaller siblings: Aquapark and Actionpark.

After a fun day in the parks, you can sleep easy in one of the cottages in Tykkimäki Camping.

Check out the daily opening hours for Amusement Park and Aquapark.

Excitement for everyone

Tykkimäki has been open since 1986, but during the last few years the park has received many new additions. There are new rides, but also a rope trail, Atrenaliini, and 5D cinema. Are you bold enough to hop on to a ride that goes 72km/h in the height of 70 meters? Have you already seen what renewed House of Surprises has to offer? Come and find out!

The newest addition to the parks rides is Endeavour. Even the more experienced amusement park fans will get a nice shot of adrenalin with this wild ride.

Splash and dash

Aquapark is dedicated exclusively to the ones who love water. Slides, pools and sprays are the guarantee of bursts of laughter. Aquapark also has a sauna and restaurant, so you can spend the whole day there. The park is right at the beach of Käyrälampi, so you can also take a dip in the lake! Aquapark opens 6th June 2019.

Energetic fun

Actionpark is the right place for anyone who likes to frolic. The indoor park is open year-round and it’s located at Prisma hypermarket. You can spend sporty day by driving pedal cars and playing hoops, baseball, slap shot and many more compelling games. Actionpark isn’t only for kids, but also adults can have a lot of fun there. As you are jumping on trampolines and kicking the soccer ball, you’ll get a good work out!

If you are here to have a blast, we recommend you to buy the Park Hopper –bracelet. With the bracelet you can visit all three parks during the same day or next two days. Why visit only one park when you can experience all three?