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Sustainable traveling

Magnificent nature is a real privilege. We must remember how to travel sustainably in nature, so that we can enjoy its greatness also in future.

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Beautiful days and gorgeous views can cause a spontaneous temptation to go to Repovesi National Park. Every hiker must know that there is many freedoms and rights, but also instructions and rules to follow in nature. Those are not planned just to annoy hikers, but that everyone can have a safe trip and nature will be as astonishing to later travelers as it was to us.

Where I can find a suitable place for fire or camping? How I can get over the suspension bridge as smooth as possible? Do I have to keep my dog on a leash? What was the ABC of eco hiking?

Respect nature

You can find answers to these questions from the rules and instructions of Repovesi. If your searching comes to a dead end, we are more than happy to help you via email, phone and chat service. Before your trip you should also check forest fire warnings and other current matters to avoid unpleasant surprises.

When everyone keeps their surroundings and other hikers in mind, we all can enjoy the nature at its best! Now tha you are familiar with the rules, jump in the bus going to Repovesi and enjoy Finnish nature.