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Housing Fair 2019 in Kouvola

Finland's biggest housing event is coming to Kouvola in 2019!

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The annual Housing Fair is a huge event that takes place every year in a different city somewhere in Finland. Housing Fair is a perfect event for everyone interested in housing and the future trends of housing and interior design. There is something new and interesting to see every year and in 2019, you can enjoy the fair right here in Kouvola.

The houses in the area are built and decorated for the audience to visit during the fair. Once the fair is over, the families the built the houses move in to their new home.

Historical milieu along the Kymijoki River

The old red brick buildings in the area date back to the year 1910 when the area was used as a garrison by the Russians. In addition to the buildings, plenty of interesting stories have also been preserved for new generations.

The old buildings give an interesting look in to the history of the area, but the area is still located very close to the city centre and all the different services. You can get to the biggest shopping center in Southeast-Finland, Veturi, in under 10 minutes with a car and the drive to the city centre takes around 10 minutes.

The mighty Kymijoki River flows right next to the area and nature is right there on your own front door. In Kouvola, you can lice close to nature and all the different services at the same time. So you can pick berries and mushrooms from the woods near you house, and try fishing in the river next to you.

Remember to keep an eye on all the different channels of VisitKouvola. We’ll have more information about the Housing Fair in the future.

See you in the official Housing Fair in 2019, right here in Kouvola!