Käyrälampi beach in Kouvola

Beach volleyball and a beach holiday

Kouvola's very own Costa del Sol is all about sunshine and cold drinks.

Käyrälampi Beach  is Kouvola’s own Gold Coast, Sunny Beach and Costa del Sol – except that at Käyrälampi, nobody will force a doughnut into your hand or put a necklace around your neck as a gift, but then tell you how much it will cost.

From their cars, travellers on Route 6  see sand glistening in shades of gold and silver, a pier stretching far out into the water and a beach speckled with colourful towels. At their own Riviera, the people of Kouvola lounge around with their toes buried in the sand.

Water park and sauna

Next to Käyrälampi you'll find Aquapark, a water park from whose tower descend five different waterslides, and where there are themed pools for water babies of different ages. Some people coming to Käyrälampi Beach buy tickets to Aquapark, lie down on its sun loungers, occasionally go down the slides and enjoy ice cream and other cold refreshments.

Others take a more sporty view of beach life. The beach volleyball area at Käyrälampi containing 12 courts is used by many people and, during the summer, it also hosts heats of the Finnish national beach volleyball championships.

Along the beach, you can also make contact with the locals in Tykkimäen Sauna. This public sauna is popular among the locals, but it is also a rising tourist destination. Jumping in to the waters of Käyrälampi after some time in the sauna gives you a feeling that is almost euphoric.

Disc golf and a beach for dogs

Next to Käyrälampi is a full-length 18-hole disc golf course. From the sands of the beach, it winds its way into the shade of the forest so, on very hot days, you can enjoy some shade by throwing a frisbee.

Another new thing this summer is the picnic park where you can bring your own food to barbecue.

Next to the picnic park is a children’s playground and a jetty for canoes. And most important of all, next to it is a beach for dogs with its own fencing. It’s always good to let our furry friends plunge into some refreshingly cool water on a hot summer day.