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Be My Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil someone you love or hold dear. Kouvola has a great selection of small luxuries to spies up your average February.

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Beyond the Atlantic, Valentine’s Day is dedicated to lovers and sweethearts, but here in Finland, it’s dedicated to friends and all loved ones. What could you do to make that special someone or a good friend feel even more special?

Here are just a few examples of the small things you can do in Kouvola to make those close to you feel a bit more special.

For sport lovers and friends of culture

If you know someomne who loves downhill skiing, then head over to Mielakka Ski Center. They have special offers on Valentine’s Day, so don't miss it!

If that special someone is into sports and especially spectator sports, then Kouvola is the dream destination for you. The city has ice-hockey and basketball games taking places nearly every week and both are played close to the city centre. Tickets for two might just be the perfect way to say how much they mean to you.
For all your friends who love music and culture, Kymi Sinfonietta is a sure way to bring joy to an ordinary week. World class artists and musicians fill Kouvola with tunes that will surely make you happy.

After the games or concert, you don’t need to hurry home, because Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna  is located right in the city centre. The most warm-hearted pink hotel in Finland charms you with its service and invites you to enjoy your time in Kouvola!

Say it with food

All of your loved ones that love treats, coffee and tea, will definitely appreciate a trip to Papulaari. Papulaari’s famous Kouvola-coffee is guaranteed to make your heart strings sing.

Everyone who knows someone that, is an avid friend of beers, should take their friend to Gastropub Betony. Betony’s jolly atmosphere and great drink selection will charm every beer lover. Remember to have a burger with your drink. Or two. 
For you food lovers, you can get that perfect food pic from one of the restaurants in the city centre.

Remember that you can always treat your friends and loved ones, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day.