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Nature and Culture House in Kouvola

Lovers and rascals in Vuohijärvi

Nature and Culture are in perfect harmony in Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House.

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Hey! All you babies, honey buns, sweet peas, sugars, darlings, bunny rabbits, cutie pies, teddy bears, princesses, queens, angels and other terms of endearment!

Love has many names, that is well known. This summer is a good time to take your beloved to Kouvola, the city of love.

The Love Park has opened in the inner courtyard of Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House where, by permission, lovers can strengthen their bond with a lock. The love locks are not attached to bridge railings but to Koivu ja tähti (birch and star), a sculpture designed for the locks by sculptor Heikki Häiväoja.

Meet the Goddess of Love

Tuomas Hoikkala, Executive Director of Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House, has proclaimed Love Park to be an official meeting point for couples who have met each other online.

Friends and couples celebrating their anniversary are also welcome to seal their friendships and unions at Vuohijärvi with a lock. This tradition, which is particularly well-known in Central Europe, symbolises everlasting love.

By entering Love Park, you are stepping into a fairytale. 5,000 different bulbs, perennials, and of course plenty of roses have been planted in its garden. The centre of everything is the 62-tonne Naples rock. The park will display more than 10 sculptures, one of which is the bronze Rakkauden jumalatar (goddess of love) by Arvo Siltamäki.

You can obtain your own love lock at the park, and it can also be engraved. The keys of a lock are fused into a heart shape and thrown into the deepest part of Vuohijärvi lake.

2018 is the summer of rascals

The summer of 2018 is dedicated to different rascals. Fish native to Finnish waters and even the famous ringed seals take center stage in the exhibition of 2018. The exhibition is open from 2.6. – 26.8.2018. You don't want to miss this!

Remember that Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House is closer than ever, thanks to the bus connection to Repovesi National Park.