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MotoGP KymiRing Finland

MotoGP 2021, KymiRing Finland

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For the first time in Finland, the MotoGP international FIM Grand Prix will be held at the new KymiRing GP track in 2021 (postponed from July 2020).

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Here you can find useful tips and ideas when planning your trip.

KymiRing: In Tillola, Iitti, the first North European GP race track, classified by the governing body for world motorsport, FIA: Grade 1 (highest) and world motorcycling, FIM: Grade A (highest). The track is 4,5 km long, difference in altitude is ca. 23 meters. The width is 12 - 20 meters and it has 18 curves. The track has the longest GP main straight in Europe, 1,2 km.