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Destination for the whole family

Anjala Youth Centre is known for their awesome school camps. The participants sometimes return to look back on their camp time and to show the places for their families.

"Hey, we used to go paddling there! Let's go and see the trees we planted! Let's go and look for the ghost of the Manor!"

Anjala Youth Centre is a part of the Ankkapurha Culture Park. The school camps are carried out in various locations, which the campers want to show their families later. "Families visit us on their way to summer house, to visit relatives or the Tykkimäki amusement park", says Kirsi Sali, Development Manager of the Anjala Youth Centre. Maybe pop into the Makasiinikahvila café? Walk the route crossing the dam? For sure a visit to Anjala Manor! "Children remember exciting stories about the history of the Manor, the ghost and the gray lady". 

Popular place for school camps

At times Anjala Youth Centre is rather busy. There can be eight to nine school camps in one week. Most of the groups come from the metropolitan area of Helsinki and Uusimaa region and most of the participants are elementary school fifth or sixth graders. 

"Typical time for a school camp is the sixth grade's autumn or the fifth grade's spring, Sali says. There are many things to do for the whole family at Ankkapurha. While touring around on your summer holiday, you can drop by at  Ankkapurha and explore the area using the Nomadi application on your smart phone. "We have plenty of supervised activities; guided tours, paddling, mountain biking, tree climing, art workshops and park yoga. If you are interested in brain-teasers you can play a historical escape room game."

Find joy in success!

Campers can try many immemorable things at Anjala, like making paper. Paper is made with small casts, fabricated of pulp from the Stora Enso Anjalankoski paper mill.

"It is also fun to cook hamburgers over a camp fire. Climing trees and swinging from one to another like Tarzan in the middle of the forest belong to a school camp programmes as well. Succeeding and exceeding oneself are unforgettable experiences", says Sali.

During 2015 - 2017 the campers planted cherry trees, grapevine, lilacs and chokeberries into the former hobby garden of the Manor. It is later nice to come and see how they have grown. 

During the Housing Fair of Koria (12.7. - 11.8.) there are several good reasons to drop by Ankkapurha. For school children there are guided activities from Monday to Saturday between 10 - 16.30 o'clock. A tasty lunch is included in the programme.

"While children are engaged in the programmes with the tutors of the Anjala Youth Centre, parents can visit the Housing Fair. Or they can just enjoy life in a hammock in the Manor park."