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Summer bucket list

Schools are starting and vacations ending but summer goes on! August is the month to have fun in the darkening summer nights and check the last boxes of the summer's bucket list!

We collected eight things to experience before summer turns to autumn. You can follow our success on checking the boxes in Instagram @visitkouvola! How many can you check off from the list?


1. Enjoy nature

Go on a day trip on one of many nature trails in Kouvola or pack your bag and spend the night in the Repovesi natural park. I wonder if the blueberries are ripe yet.


2. See a live performance

While theatres in the area tend to be in Finnish, they might still be an interesting experience. Maybe a folk’s opera in a beautiful museum setup would work for you? For live music, our lovely bars and restaurants are luckily taking care of the selection.


3. Picnic under the sky of the sunny Kouvola

What is your perfect picnic basket made of? Maybe some local treats like Hoviruoka’s Vihis (vegetarian pie), Kouvolan lakritsi licorice or Kaslink’s Aito snacks. Whatever it is, pack it up and head towards one of Kouvola’s beautiful parks!


4. Fall for art

Summertime is the time of art exhibitions around the countryside! After you’ve visited Taideruukki and Poikilo in the city you can check out Moision kartano –manor or Antares Art Centre, for example.


5. Taste a piece of Kouvola

Try a new flavor in some of Kouvola’s great restaurants or go shopping for local goods. What is your favorite place to relax from cooking in Kouvola?


6. Cheer for your favorite team

Have you been in a baseball or other sports game this summer? MYPA, KPL, and our other sports teams make sure that there is something for sports fans around the year.


7. Bike trip to the neighbouring village

If a bike isn’t something you’ve taken with you to Kouvola it's okay. Luckily Kaakau city bikes make sure no-one is left bikeless. Which direction will you take on the metal mount?


8. Go shopping in the city center

Maybe you will find a new bag, cute home decor piece or a great homecoming gift.