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3 different Kouvola days

Shopping, bars, parks, concerts or something completely different? We created the perfect day for three different visitors to Kouvola.

Charlotte the Childlike

Arrives with her children and parks her car in the free car park in the centre. Takes her children to the Jaakonpuisto Childrens Traffic Park and tries a pedal car herself. A quick visit to the Tykkimäki Action Park or a good romp on the playground equipment in Hampstapuisto? The sweat has barely dried when Charlotte and her brood go to the KUULAS theatre event for children. They buy Kouvolan Lakritsi liquorice to take home.

Cultured Conrad

Comes to Kouvola by bus with a group and sees a musical at the Kouvola City Theatre. Returns the next week for a concert by the Kymi Sinfonietta at Kuusankoskitalo. On the same trip, goes shopping at the Taideruukki crafts workshops, stops for a coffee at Cafe Ruukitar and sees the latest exhibition at Pato Klubi. Buys a piece of jewellery for a loved one, made by Littlebitdesign and displaying the phrase “F**k You I Love Kouvola”, which is a quip made by Jared Leto at his concert in Helsinki.

Birgit the Bar-hopper

Steps off the train at the station and heads first to boutique café Papulaari for a specialty coffee. She then makes for the Gastropub Betony until it’s time to go to the House of Rock bar for an acoustic rock concert. Afterwards, she has a delicious meal at the Lamykin’s Cookhouse and takes a drink in The Bank. She takes home some strong Sysi Kymi coffee made at the Inka Paahtimo roasting factory and some Nirvana tea.