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Kimola Canal is now open

Kimola Canal opened its gates for boaters on 3rd August. From Pielavesi lake, 400 km away, you can navigate through Vesijärvi, Päijänne and Konnivesi lakes to Kymijoki river.

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The old log canal has been renovated during the past couple of years. The log cranes have been demolished and a lock of 12 meters built. The length of the lock is 35 m and the width 8 m. There is also a tunnel of 70 meters. The total length of the canal is 5,5 km.

The tunnel and the exceptionally high lock make the Kimola canal a special experience.

The starting point in Kouvola is at Virtakivi in Voikkaa. The new marina has 8 moorings for bigger boats and 34 for smaller ones, as well as a landing stage. The home base for local boats is built in Hirvelä. Lowering and lifting of boats is concentrated in Hirvelä marina.

A car park and a lookout spot will be built in the vicinity of the lock and tunnel. The distance from the lock to Vuonekoski marina is, by road, about 6 km.

Various services are planned along the waterway together with local companies.
Heinolan Laivaosakeyhtiö company is planning to start canal cruises. More information will follow.

You can find a brochure of the canal here. (in Finnish only)