People watch souvenirs and enjoy refreshments at a café in the Verla courtyard

In summer, the ironworks village's shops and shops in the old stable offer services and sights for guests visiting Verla


Choose local

Kouvola offers a wide selection of sustainable choices of accommodation, destinations, as well as restaurant and cafes. The service and cultural offering has something for all tastes. By using local services, you support not only the businesses and also the vitality of the entire region.

In Kouvola, you can choose to spend the night close to nature by water or in the middle of a forest. The range of accommodation available includes boutique hotels and old manor houses to cosy cottages and well-appointed camping sites. Many of the accommodation providers have environmental certification and are part of the Visit Finland Sustainable Travel Finland programme.

When in Kouvola, you will never go hungry: the original restaurants and cafes cater for all tastes, offering more traditional fare as well as modern culinary experiences. Don’t forget to taste fresh locally-produced food and other regional specialities.

Do you prefer to travel on your own or in a group? Kouvola has activities for everyone: golf, swimming, skiing and boating – all close to pristine nature. The local outdoor activity businesses , which are committed to the Metsähallitus Principles of Sustainable Tourism are there to ensure that you never run out of things to do and see. Kouvola offers a wealth of unique experiences for friends of cultural heritage.