Kouvola city centre

From Manski to Hotel

Kouvola's pedestrian street Manski is the centre of city life. Accomodation is also just around the corner.

Green Kouvola has many lungs but only one heart, the Manski pedestrian street. Manski begins from the Kouvola City Hall and proceeds resolutely past many restaurant terraces before ending in front of the railway station.

As there are no lakes or rivers in the centre, a fountain was built to bring a water feature to delight the passers-by. Especially the children are genuinly excited about the spouts.


It is not far from Manski to the hotels. Scandic is situated right next to it and Hotel Turistihovi and Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna within walking distance.

To get to Hotel Sommelo, you need to take a taxi or bus from Manski. Sommelo is located by the Kymijoki River in Kuusankoski, close to the cultural activities of Kuusankoskitalo and Restaurant Hospoda Papírna, which has not only an extensive range of beers and ciders but also Czech burgers, local sausages and spa waffles for dessert.

There is a Pub 123 on the ground floor of Turistihovi hotel, at Scandic you'll find Bistro. Hotel  Vaakuna has good restaurant services as well; the French style Frans & Rose.

Goings-on at Manski

There’s always something going on at Manski. That’s why there are usually plenty of people sitting on the benches, checking out what the day will bring.

Sometimes Manski becomes a southern European street of delicacies and a sea of tents on market days. Summer musicians hired by the City might pop up anywhere. Night of the Arts always gets Manski buzzing.