Cottages in the Kouvola region

Cottage here, cottage there

Cottage life is an essential part of Finland and our lifestyle.

In Kouvola we have almost 500 lakes and about 7700 summer cottages. If you are not invited to any of those as a guest, you can always rent yourself a summer cottage by a lake.

You can’t always escape from your hectic work life for several weeks, like during summer, but have no fear; there are plenty of excellent cottages in Kouvola for quick getaways on weekends. It’s never too early to start searching your next holiday home for the summer season.

Verla Groundwood and Board Museum  and mill village have accommodation in cottages.

The nearby Keto-mökit  rent out cottages equipped with their own barbecue facilities in Jaala. Also available are rowing boats and bicycles. From there you can hike to see Verla’s 6,000 year-old rock paintings. The Repovesi National Park and Heisanharju recreational park are not far.

Woikoski Feeling offers accommodation f.ex. in a stylish Hunting Lodge in the midst of the hunting grounds, the lodge has room for 4 persons. If you are looking for more traditional and basic athmosphere, you may like the Haimi cabin close to hiking routes.

Pale blue wedding bliss

The pale blue manor house of Aurantola in Jaala has witnessed many weddings and the cabins in the birch forest, many wedding nights. The upstairs of the manor house has guest rooms as well.

Kukkulinnan Tupa log house, built in the 1920's, has been refurbished into a modern guesthouse.It is perfect for company meetings and gatherings of friends, small parties, birthdays and stag/hen dos. On top of accommodation they can arrange catering and nature related activities.

Cottages for demanding tastes

Lakka Villas have several quality villas and cottages that are located in peaceful locations.

If you don’t want to venture too far from the city centre, then Tykkimäki Resort is a perfect destination for you.

Vääntäjä Farm in Valkeala has three holiday cottages, all very well-equipped and fit for winter habitation as well. They are located along the Väliväylä road, which stretches from Kymijoki almost to Lake Saimaa.

Rämä cottages (Rämän mökit) are situated in a quiet place on the shore of Ruokojärvi Lake near Väliväylä, close to the idyllic village of Kannuskoski.

Oravahovi, Oravalinna, Oravakolo and other year-round Oravasalmi villas are in Valkeala  between the lakes of Suolajärvi and Siikajärvi. These well-equipped villas are suitable for accommodation for demanding conference and business guests as well as for families who value quality.

In Kouvola's neigbouring village, Iitti, Yli-Kaitala Holiday Cottages offer quality accomodation services near clean and pristine waters. Yli-Kaitala also has a local speciality, a moss sauna.