Cottages in the Kouvola region

Moss sauna, log cabins and a visit to an ostrich farm

Get a taste of traditional Finnish cottage life in Iitti.

At Iitti, the Kymijoki starts to wind and expand into a lake. In the undulating landscape, the forest changes from the rugged, lichen-covered rock pine outcrops to deep green spruce groves and lush deciduous forests.

The large lakes and the river with all its branches have attracted to Iitti plenty of summer residents. In Iitti, a parish with almost 2,600 summer cottages, you can have a cottage holiday even if you don’t have your own cottage.

On the Radansuu isthmus, Lomakivi  rents out log cabins by the cabin or by the room. The cabins are situated close to the church village and the wooden cruciform church, an idyllic summer oasis surrounded by an archery field, handicraft shop, a beach for swimming, horse stables, a dance platform, ice cream kiosk, summer theatre and places for campfires.

From grandmother’s cottages to real luxury

Yli-Kaitalan mökit rents out a dozen or so beachside cottages near Kymijoki River and Kettujärvi Lake in Iitti. You can have a quaint little grandmother’s cottage, a perfectly appointed Auringonsilta luxury cottage, a cottage with five bedrooms and a jacuzzi, or a Joutsenlampi cottage suitable for those with reduced mobility.

If you want a sauna experience that is a little more special, Yli-Kaitalan mökit can supply you with a hemispherical sauna covered in moss.

There you can enjoy moist steam, select the lighting that you want by remote control, order your own sauna fragrances from a fragrance machine, listen to your favourite music, sing karaoke and watch television. From the terrace, you can go and relax in the warm water of the jacuzzi or cool off in the lake.

A visit to a farm

Alpacas, reindeer, miniature horses and ostriches. In the summer at Kilkkilä Farm in Iitti, there is quite a zoo, except for the fact that at the same time it is a real farm.

There are particularly many birds at Kilkkilä. Cabin-dwellers can make a day trip to visit the farm, where they will see white cockatoos, cockatiels, common quails, pheasants and many different species of chicken such Brahmas, Orpingtons, Giant Cocks and Malaysian Fighting Cocks.

The farm also has a cafeteria and a farm shop specialised in local fare. Ostrich from there comes in many forms and, in addition to preserves, you can get dusters and ostrich egg warmers.