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Geocaching in the Kouvola region

On the footsteps of Indiana Jones

It was no mystery to Dr. Jones that the best adventures are the ones you have when exploring the woods and new exiting cities.

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Geocaching is extremely popular all over the world and Kouvola is no exception.  You can find geocaches from the branches of trees, hidden in a crack among the rocks or from different urban environments. The only limitation is the imagination of the people playing.

Geocaching is a wonderful way to spice up your average outdoor activities. Your everyday jogging trip might accidentally turn into several hours in the fresh outdoors, because there’s “just one more” cache right over there.

Before heading out to find all the treasures located in the Kouvola region, you can explore them online. Naturally there are several caches in the city centre, bu there are also plenty of treasures hidden outside of the urban environments.

Hidden in a national park

Here in Kouvola, we don’t just hide our treasures close the city centre. You can also search for caches and other treasures in Repovesi National Park. There is even a geocaching route designed for modern treasure hunters. The website is only available in Finnish, but you can get the coordinates to the caches from the site. The route doesn’t just take you to the national park, but also to the historical milieu of Verla.

The caches and destinations are easy to reach with the bus connection going to Repovesi and Verla.

The route has been designed in a way that it’s also suitable for newcomers, so there’s no added pressure. You can finish the route in a single day, but there is so much to see in the Repovesi and Verla area, that you might want to consider taking a couple of days to explore the route.

As a fun added bonus, geocaches are included in the “all man rights” in Finland, so they are free for everyone to find. When you are finding hidden treasures in the city you can also pick mushrooms and berries from the wild.