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Western Cultural Route of the River Kymijoki

Culture Road is calling out to eager explorers.

The old village road, the Western Cultural Route of the River Kymijoki, running through the old border region takes you from Loviisa and the Baltic Sea through Elimäki to the villages of Iitti and the lakes of the upper course of the Kymijoki River.

The 75-kilometre-long asphalted road runs through scenic rural landscapes with numerous sights and historic locations along the way, as well as summer events and festivals. There is plenty to see and experience for the whole family.

For those interested in history, there are up to 18 museums and 8 churches from 1460 - 1929. There are concerts, art exhibitions, summer theatre, folk opera and beaches for swimming and sunbathing. On top of all this you can enjoy great accommodation facilities, restaurants and cafés as well as farmers’ markets with their fresh strawberries.

You can travel along the Cultural Route all year round, however, during summer time there are more attractions open than during autumn and winter. There are also more cultural events, especially at the country side, during summer than winter months.

The easiest way to explore the sights is by car or by bicycle.

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