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Alvar Aalto Kouvola

Explore Alvar Aalto architecture

One of the most famous Finnish designers, Alvar Aalto, has left his mark in Kouvola.

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Alvar Aalto (1898 - 1976) is known to be one of the most influential architects and designers in the history of Finland. You can find his masterpieces also in Kouvola. Kouvola’s Tehtaanmäki residential district was designed by Aalto, it’s located along the Kymijoki River, close to Ankkapuha Culture Park. The area was designed and constructed for the workers of Anjala paper mill and Inkeroinen board mill and was completed in the late 1930's. In addition, Aalto designed a school and in the 1950's three apartment buildings.

You can travel to Tehtaanmäki by bus. Bus line 3 from Kouvola's city center will take you near the area and back to the city.

Dive into history

Aalto is a part of Finnish history, but in the modern times, we can enjoy his works and learn about them with modern technology. Thanks to smartphones and Citynomadi application, exploring the designs of Aalto and learning more about their history has never been easier. Simply download the app to your smartphone and you are good to go on your own! Remember that you can always use the free WiFi in the city centre. You can use the app on your phone, but it's possible to see all the interesting places the route focusing on Alvar Aalto has to offer on you computer or tablet.

The app will give you lots of information about the area itself and buildings designed by Alvar Aalto. Citynomad is a brilliant way to study the history and enjoy some time surrounded by beautiful architecture. The app also allows you to download offline map to your smartphone, so you won’t need an Internet connection when you’re enjoying the architecture.

It's good to remember, that Kouvola has other interesting Citynomadi routes available as well.

Complete packages

Wood, Water & Workshop in Kouvola

Ankkapurha past and present - an industrial community by the River Kymi in Kouvola

On top of exploring the different designs by Aalto, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kymijoki River and pristine Finnish nature, which will  be featured in these ready-made packages.

For  further details, please see visit.alvaraalto website.

Kouvola is part of the official network of Alvar Aalto cities.