Citynomadi allows you to have a personal guide when travelling in Kouvola

Your personal tourist guide

Thanks to our modern technology, you can always have a personal guide when visiting Kouvola. All you need is a phone that's just a little bit smart.

Kouvola is filled with interesting history, cultural sights and points of interest. There are in fact so many stories, that even we cannot remember them all. According one old rumor King Gustav III of Sweden has escaped through a window in Valkeala wearing only his underwear. Um, sounds interesting! 

Stories about Gustav III and much more are available for you anytime at Citynomadi mobile application, which works as your personal tourist guide. Citynomadi provides you mobile routes, which you can explore at your own pace – anytime and for free.

Just download the application to your phone and you are ready to discover interesting sights and culture! Do not forget that you can use the free WiFi in the city centre to download the application. After that, you can also use Citynomadi in offline mode.

The different routes available in Kouvola take you on interesting adventures with culture and history.

Alvar Aalto in Kouvola – Tehtaanmäki residential district and school

Famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto has designed buildings in the industrial area of Inkeroinen, in Kouvola. You can find an old school, some apartment buildings and much more designed by this talented Finn. Take a look and get inspired by the architecture!


Kymijoki, or the Kymi River, is the heart of the whole region. Now you are able to dip deep into the history of the river from the early until the modern days. Citynomadi offers you facts and stories from Gustav III's adventures to papermaking.

Tales of the Manor of Anjala

The beautiful old Manor in Anjala is filled with stories and history. Take a stroll in the area with Citynomadi and learn more about the place – but watch out for the ghosts... 

Just download the app and off you go, enjoy!