Anjala, Inkeroinen, Myllykoski

Anjala, Inkeroinen and Myllykoski are parts of the City of Kouvola. They are all located along the Kymijioki River.


  • Anjala is pleasant and green village of 2000 inhabitants in southern Kouvola, on the west bank of the Kymijoki River. Anjala’s beautiful wooden church dates back to 1756. All the basic amenities are available in Anjala: child care, primary education, services for older people, shopping and postal services. Basic emergency services are provided by Anjala Volunteer Fire Brigade. More services are available in the nearby Inkeroinen. Leisure facilities include various hunting and sports clubs.  Nature provides even more opportunities for independent leisure. You can go hiking in the deep woods or the Kirkkovuori and Känkkäränvuori hills, or boating and fishing on the Kymi River.
  • Inkeroinen is a cosy and peaceful settlement of 4000 inhabitants. It grew around the paper mill on the eastern shore of the Kymi River. The centre of Inkeroinen is urban and pleasant, with all amenities close at hand. These include primary and secondary schools, Kymenlaakso College, a daycare centre, grocery and clothing stores and specialist shops, pharmacy, cafés, pizzerias and a hotel. In addition to bus and coach services, Inkeroinen also has a rail connection to Kouvola and Kotka.
  • The residential area of Tehtaanmäki is built around Anjala paper mill and was designed by Alvar Aalto between 1937-38 and 1950-56. The school he designed is a listed building and was renovated in 2003.
  • Inkeroinen’s leisure facilities include an public swimming pool, ice rink, library, sports field and a lighted running/skiing track. Inkeroinen is surrounded by fields and woods, which in many places open onto the river. You can walk and jog around Anjala bay along the beach roads and dam bridge.
  • Myllykoski is a green area of about 5000 inhabitants on the banks of the Kymi River. Myllykoski amenities include a daycare centre, schools, food and other shops, restaurants, petrol stations and a library. You can spend your leisure time on the local cross-country skiing and hiking routes.
  • Keltakangas is situated close to Myllykoski, on the south-east side of Highway 15. Keltakangas is home to more than 600 people, who live close to nature. Keltakangas has a health centre. In the last few years new economic activity in Keltakangas has focused on the Ekopark industrial area, the waste management centre for the whole of Kymenlaakso Province.