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Events in Kouvola

There is a lot happening in Kouvola. Will you be swetting it out at Tykkimäki Actionpark, enjoying a concert or just relaxing at a christmas market?

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From Manski to Hotel

Kouvola's pedestrian street Manski is the centre of city life. Accomodation is also just around the corner.


To Repovesi all year round

National Parks don't have opening hours. Hikers are welcomed to Repovesi all year long.


When the day is not long enough

Tykkimäki Camping is now closed because during the year 2022 a new top-of-the-line

Explore Alvar Aalto architecture

One of the most famous Finnish designers, Alvar Aalto, has left his mark in Kouvola.


The City of Alvar Aalto

Kouvola belongs to the network of Alvar Aalto cities. The architect’s hand is visible especially in Inkeroinen, but also in Sippola and the ...


Tykkimäki – Triple the Fun

Tykkimäki Amusement Park is situated in a beautiful natural environment in Kouvola.


Let culture keep you warm

Autumn is an interesting time of the year in Finland. On the other hand, the trees change their summery green vibe in to a beautiful rainbow of color. Then, on ...


Take the bus to Repovesi National Park

Nature is always close in Kouvola. Thanks to a convenient bus connection, all the great destinations in the area of Repovesi and Verla are closer than ever!


Kimola Canal

Kimola Canal opened its gates for boaters in August 2020. From Pielavesi lake, 400 km away, you can navigate through Vesijärvi, Päijänne ...