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Kimola canal cruises

Don’t have a boat? No worries! Step on board and take a cruise around the canal!

Contact the boat company for more information and tickets!


Kimola canal in summer 2023

Kimola’s old timber-rafting canal was brought back to life when it opened for boaters in August 2020. Now, boaters can navigate from the Päijänne ...


Take the train or bus to Repovesi National Park

Nature is always close in Kouvola. Thanks to a convenient bus and train connections, all the great destinations in the area of Repovesi and Verla are closer than ...


To Repovesi all year round

National Parks don't have opening hours. Hikers are welcomed to Repovesi all year long.


International Kouvola

High-school students Sara Timonen and Helmi Toropainen are surprised by how international their hometown is from the tourism perspective.


Events in Kouvola

There is a lot happening in Kouvola. Will you enjoying a concert or just relaxing at a market?



Rent a City Bike

A city bike will take you from the bustle of the city centre all the way to the pleasures of the amusement park.


Kouvola - The City of Alvar Aalto

Kouvola belongs to the network of Alvar Aalto cities. The architect’s hand is visible especially in Inkeroinen, but also in Sippola and the ...


Boating to Kouvola

The Kimola Canal connects Päijänne lake to the Kymijoki river, along which you can reach Kouvola by boat from as far north as Pielavesi (400 km).


Group trip to Kouvola

If you are a media representative looking for story tips about Kouvola or a tour organizer planning a group trip to Kouvola, you can find inspiration from this ...