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Group trip to Kouvola

If you are a media representative looking for story tips about Kouvola or a tour organizer planning a group trip to Kouvola, you can find inspiration from this ...


Repovesi National Park FAQ

Magnificent nature is a real privilege. We must remember how to travel sustainably in nature, so that we can enjoy its greatness also in the future.


Kymi Sinfonietta – the two-town orchestra

“Moving. A week of delights! A pint-sized powerhouse! Gives you a warm glow!”


Cottage here, cottage there

Cottage life is an essential part of Finland and our lifestyle.

In Kouvola we have almost 500 lakes and about 7700 summer cottages. If you are not invited ...


Verla - Artisan village worth visiting

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Verla Groundwood and Board Mill introduce visitors to the history of board production.


To Repovesi all year round

National Parks don't have opening hours. Hikers are welcomed to Repovesi all year long.


Events in Kouvola

There is a lot happening in Kouvola. Will you enjoying a concert or just relaxing at a christmas market?



Kouvola’s own amusement hill

The king of Sweden once had so much fun in Tykkimäki, that he lost track of time. Granted, this also happens to the locals every now and then.


Tykkimäki – Triple the Fun

Tykkimäki Amusement Park is situated in a beautiful natural environment in Kouvola.


Hey rainy Kouvola!

Sometimes you are surprised by a rainy day. Then it’s time to enjoy indoor activities!