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Tykkimäki Resort

Kouvola is home to the next major tourist attraction in Finland. In summer 2022 a new top-of-the-line resort will open right next to the pristine Käyrälampi ...


Onto a nature trail straight from a shopping centre

Kouvola is not all concrete. The majority of our area is covered in lakes and forests. Some of them are located right next to city centre.


Take the bus to Repovesi National Park

Nature is always close in Kouvola. Thanks to a convenient bus connection, all the great destinations in the area of Repovesi and Verla are closer than ever!


Repovesi National Park, Verla and River Kymijoki

In Kouvola, nature is always on your doorstep. Repovesi National Park, the refreshing waters of the Kymijoki river, and the Arboretum in Mustila are just some ...


Kimola Canal

Kimola Canal opened its gates for boaters in August 2020. From Pielavesi lake, 400 km away, you can navigate through Vesijärvi, Päijänne ...


MotoGP KymiRing Finland

Finnish MotoGP™ will be held from 8th to 10th July 2022 at KymiRing.


Principles of Sustainable Tourism

Visit Finland has updated the national

Woikoski Feeling and Sustainable Tourism Business

Woikoski Feeling offers high-class services and experiences in a unique environment in ...


Sustainable Tourism in Verla

Kouvola is committed to preserving the rich cultural heritage in the region for future generations to cherish, and for this reason it boasts a number of protected, ...


Choose local

Kouvola offers a wide selection of sustainable choices of accommodation, destinations, as well as restaurant and cafes. The service and cultural offering has ...