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Unique World Heritage site Verla

<p>Verla area radiates the atmosphere of the turn of the 19th century. This destination combines culture, history,...

Repovesi National Park FAQ

<p>Magnificent nature is a real privilege. We must remember how to travel sustainably in nature, so that we can enjoy its...

To Repovesi all year round

<p>National Parks don't have opening hours. Hikers are welcomed to Repovesi all year long.</p>

International Kouvola

<p><strong>High-school students Sara Timonen and Helmi Toropainen are surprised by how international their hometown is...

Events in Kouvola

<p>There is a lot happening in Kouvola. Will you enjoying a concert or just relaxing at a market?</p>

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Rent a City Bike

<p>A city bike will take you from the bustle of the city centre all the way to the pleasures of the amusement park.</p>

Take the train or bus to Repovesi National Park

<p>Nature is always close in Kouvola. Thanks to a convenient bus and train connections, all the great destinations in the...

Boating to Kouvola

<p>The Kimola Canal connects P&auml;ij&auml;nne lake to the Kymijoki river, along which you can reach Kouvola by boat from...

Group trip to Kouvola

<p>If you are a media representative looking for story tips about Kouvola or a tour organizer planning a group trip to...