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The frothing rapids of Finnish film

<p>In the 40&#39;s and 50&#39;s you could see some authentic movie stars in Iitti.</p>

Golf in a rural setting

<p>Iitti Golf gives even the most passionate golf player a change to relax in a superb setting with their favourite...

Roughness and toughness

<p>Tiina Luhtaniemi fell in love with Kouvola's personal style and atmosphere.</p>

Winter is here

<p>Kouvola is the perfect destination for fans of winter activities!</p>

Beach volleyball and a beach holiday

<p>Kouvola's very own Costa del Sol is all about sunshine and cold drinks.</p>

The swimming pools of the South

<p>There's no point in booking an expensive flight to a resort with swimming pools, because Tykkimäki has got you...

Finland's Most Relaxed Amusement Park

<p>You can find Finland’s most relaxed amusement park right here in Kouvola.</p>

Golf without preasure

<p>You can enjoy golf in Bogey Golf, even if you don't own an Aston Martin or expensive golf clubs.</p>

The Thrill of Sports

<p>The locals in Kouvola love sports and thanks to the local teams, it’s easy to get excited and carried away in the...