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Group trip to Kouvola

<p>If you are a media representative looking for story tips about Kouvola or a tour organizer planning a group trip to...

Kymi Sinfonietta – the two-town orchestra

<p><em>&ldquo;Moving. A week of delights! A pint-sized powerhouse! Gives you a warm glow!&rdquo;</em></p>

Cottage here, cottage there

<p>Cottage life is an essential part of Finland and our lifestyle.</p>

<p>In Kouvola we have almost 500 lakes and about...

Verla - Artisan village worth visiting

<p>A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Verla Groundwood and Board Mill introduce visitors to the history of board...

Kouvola’s own amusement hill

<p>The king of Sweden once had so much fun in Tykkimäki, that he lost track of time. Granted, this also happens to the...

Tykkimäki – Triple the Fun

<p>Tykkimäki Amusement Park is situated in a beautiful natural environment in Kouvola.</p>

Hey rainy Kouvola!

<p>Sometimes you are surprised by a rainy day. Then it’s time to enjoy <strong>indoor activities</strong>!</p>...

We like to move it, move it!

<p>Tykkimäki Actionpark is full of fun and games for everyone, all year round!</p>

A pit stop in Kouvola

<p>Sometimes you just don’t have a whole weekend to spend on a holiday, even if you really wanted to! Luckily, you can...