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Along the River Kymijoki

<p align="left">First there was the River Kymijoki. Then came the factories. The manufacture of paper has fallen and that...

3 different Kouvola days

<p align="left">Shopping, bars, parks, concerts or something completely different? We created the perfect day for three...

Let's go to Poikilo!

<p><em>“It surprises you. Gets you thinking. Calms you down. The place brings a smile to your face!”</em></p>

Museums galore

<p>Friends of museums and culture won’t be bored in Kouvola because there are museums available from World Heritage Site,...

The Peace of Forest

<p>Arboretum Mustila is famous for its rhododendrons, but Mustila is so much more than just beautiful flowers.</p>

Beach holiday in kouvola!

<p>Did you know, that Kouvola is the hottest town in Finland? Along with the record-hitting warm climate and over 400...

Experience Kouvola by bus

<p>How do you reach favorite destinations by bus in Kouvola?</p>

Take your bike to Kouvola

<p>Travelling with a friend is always more fun. Why not take your beloved bicycle on an adventure to Kouvola!</p>

Experience Kouvola on a student budget

<p>What can you do in Kouvola with a small budget? Enjoy amazing nature, experience history and culture or spend a day or...