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Midsummer celebration

<p>Midsummer will be celebrated in Finland from 21st to 22nd of June. We call the midsummer “Juhannus” and on the...

Trains and locomotives

<p>Kouvola was once born in the crossroads of railways, the history of trains and railwaymen is visible in many...

Rugged beautiful scenery

<p>Finns tend to say that forests are like churches. They are places where you can relax and hide your troubles and...

Hellikki, Elviira, Raisa and others

<p>Mustila hosts some rather famous rhododendrons, including the one named after the first lady of the former Soviet...

Destination for the whole family

<p>Anjala Youth Centre is known for their awesome&nbsp;school camps. The participants&nbsp;sometimes return&nbsp;to look...

History at one’s own pace

<p>You can spend a warm summer day in a hammock, in an art exhibition or by exploring the designs of the famous architect...

Rafting and fishing

<p>Rumor has it, that a couple of blokes from Kouvola once caught a pike from Kymijoki, that was bigger than their boat....

Local knowledge at the service of the media

<p>Are you thinking about writing an article on Kouvola? Good to hear!</p>

Western Cultural Route of the River Kymijoki

<p>Culture Road is calling out to eager explorers.</p>