Yli-Kaitalan Lomamökit – Cottages

Holiday cottages, conference services, restaurant, saunas, fishing, hiking, snowmobile and quad bike safaris in Iitti, Southern Finland.

Come and enjoy a refreshing holiday in Iitti, close to the river Kymi and lake Kettujärvi: with 11 cottages we can guarantee to find one that suits you. In the granny cottage you can imagine hearing the sounds played by the fiddle maker who used to live there. If it’s a luxurious break from your normal life that you’re after, you can hire the perfectly equipped luxury cottage Auringonsilta, or the five bedroom cottage with a jacuzzi. The Joutsenlampi cottage is accessible. For those who enjoy fishing the river Kymi and the lakes Kettujärvi and Arrajärvi offer extensive waters with plenty of fish. You can try out different types of fishing under the guidance of our fishing guide.

Organise a successful family party or business event in Yli-Kaitala’s peaceful surroundings. Private hire restaurant Ketunleipä offers very versatile facilities. We would be happy to help organise a wedding, for example, in these natural surroundings. “I do” has been heard from the picturesque cliff of lake Kettujärvi more than once, and many couples have tied the knot on Lakinsaari island to the sounds of waves.

Visitors have enjoyed the heat of lakeside sauna Kettu for over 70 years. There is also a hot tub on the terrace of sauna Kettu which can be used all year round, and which fits 14 people. The moss sauna offers you a completely unique sauna experience. The moss sauna provides enjoyment for all the senses: the soft, humid warmth caresses your skin, the light effects create an aesthetic experience, and the enjoyment is completed by the scents blended into the water being thrown onto the sauna stove and the music played in the background. On the terrace of the moss sauna you can jump into a hot tub all year round.

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