Hiidenvuori Hill

The most famous natural sight in Iitti, the Hiidenvuori hill, rises to the height of 60 metres (127 metres above sea level). The former castle hill is situated approximately 14 kilometres North of Iitti village.

Hiidenvuori Hill risin over Kirkkojärvi Lake is one of the most beautiful sites in Iitti. The hill is popular lookout spot and destination for nature-lovers, as well as being the stage for the annual Iitti Music Festival. The ancient castle monument is easier to conquer today because of the newly upgraded hiking trail. The south face of the hill has campfire spot and a beach.

The view from the steep soothes both, eyes and the soul: to the North there are islands and sparkling open lakes, to the South sighing pine-forests and deciduous forests.


47610 Iitti