Oravasalmi Villas

Oravasalmi Villas provide quality accomodation near Lake Suolajärvi, located in Vuohijärvi, Kouvola. Oravasalmi has five villas and smoke sauna that you can rent separately. All the villas have been built with respect to nature within the forest between the years 2002 – 2007.

The villas are 101-115 m2 in size and they have beds for 8-10 people. Every villa has two bedrooms, a sleeping loft, two indoor toilets, sauna, shower and a utility room. The floors of the villas are also heated form added comfort.

The villas are excellent for demanding meetings, conferences and as accommodation for business quests. They are also suitable for small parties and as a holiday destination for families.

Lake Suolajärvi has clean and clear waters and the beach is suitable for children. Every villa has their own sauna near the shore, a dock and a rowing boat and a fireplace.


Oravasalmentie 178
47900 Vuohijärvi