Kuutin Kolo - Rental Services

Kuutin Kolo has provided different services to tourists in the area of Repovesi National Park for decades. Canoe rentals, boat taxis, cottage rentals and trip services in Repovesi National Park. The company also has wide and precious knowledge of the park and its history.

Juhani Outinen founded Kuutin Kolo for years before the area of Repovesi was known as a national park. The handsome girder building was the first service center inside the park. The area of Repovesi is very dear and close to Jussi’s heart and this has provided him a sturdy foundation for his business.

Jussi’s family roots are right in Repovesi. Thanks to all the years he spend with his grandmother and other relatives, he has countless stories to tell to hikers and tourist of today.

In 2005 we moved to Hillosensalmi, which is close to Orilmapi Holiday Center. We acquired some more canoes and cottage to rent. You can select from a wide variety of canoeing and we provide you with all the necessary instructions and tips. We can also deliver equipment to different lakes and ponds.  


Voikoskentie 210
47910 Hillosensalmi

Open with reservations.

May - August usually every day 9:00 - 21:00.