Spede's Saloon

Spede's Saloon

Right in the centre of Kouvola is the legendary Spede’s Saloon, which is one of the oldest pubs continuously operating on the same site and under the same name in Finland. Founded by Pertti “Spede” Pasanen, it opened on 26 May 1967. Upstairs is a nightclub, Club Touba.

Come to Spede’s Saloon and experience the genuine Wild West atmosphere!
The bar stools are horse’s saddles, and walls are decorated with animal skulls.

The drinks selection includes domestic and foreign beers, ciders and other classic beverages, specialising in accessible taste sensations.

In summer, the legendary sun terrace opens up out front; enjoy your drink and soak up the atmosphere of an old-time beer stall.

The sauna on the ground floor was renovated in 2018. To book, ask us for a quote or just drop by for a visit

Over the years the saloon has become a second home to many, not least to people doing their military service nearby (in Kouvola, Koria, Utti, and Vekaranjärvi). Times have changed, the reserves have been reduced, but Spede’s Saloon lives on.

We are open every day of the year, from morning to night.

The upstairs nightclub, Club Touba, is mainly open on Friday and Saturday nights from 11 pm to 4:30 am.