Class excursions and camps

Kouvola is surely one of a kind for children and young people. Whether you’re on a class trip or school camp, you’ll find many great destinations in the city.

A school trip can be a day or even a week-long adventure, which the whole gang will enjoy. In Kouvola, it’s easy to organize school trips and camps all year round as accommodation, dining and programmes are all in one place. The camp programmes focus on nature, history and adventure.

Different locations

Experiencing and trying new things, young people learn to work together and test their limits. Facilities and services providing activities in the local area include Southern Finland's largest school camp organizer, Anjala Youth Centre, Kouvola Lutheran Parish (Puhjonranta Learning Centre, Tolkkila Manor and Pytynlahti summer cottage), and Valkeala College.

Kouvola’s great tourist destinations are a great place for class trips and school camps to try and experience new things. There’s plenty to see and do in Kouvola. Tykkimäki Amusement Park and Aquapark, Repovesi, Mustila, Verla, Mielakka, a wide range of outdoor and nature activities or even a action in a bunker – there’s a wide variety of options even in winter. Kouvola is a wonderful city and within easy reach.