page editorial policy is the official travel guide to the Kouvola region. It is managed by the city of Kouvola, which is responsible for the site. The site features Kouvola tourist services and destinations, and publishes articles on topical issues related to tourism.

Stories, articles, image and video material play a key role. Company products are linked to truly inspiring content. The website was revamped over the course of 2016 to meet international tourism marketing standards:

- Ease of use, logical structure, fast information retrieval
- Memorable and inspiring content
- Destination focused and pertinent themes
- Access to information about companies and products, sales promotion

Services featured on the site

Local services provided by companies which have an agreement with VisitKouvola are featured on the site. It must be noted that from now on, the site does not feature all the tourist services in the area. All tourist, trade and service companies and operators in the Kouvola region are warmly invited to work with us at any point. This means the content of the site will continue to grow and improve all the time.

The site is not an online store and you cannot buy services on it. Instead, customers will be redirected to the sales channel of the company offering the services.

The services featured on the site are provided by the companies themselves, and the companies themselves are responsible for their accuracy and timeliness. The companies are responsible for rectifying the incorrect data. The other texts are VisitKouvola content. The majority of the articles are texts produced by a local professional writer.

The tourist site contains links to third-party websites. Kouvola Innovation Oy is not responsible for this third-party content.

Site structure

The site is constructed so the consumer can retrieve information from it according to different perspectives and needs.

Planning a trip search for information by theme (For all the Family, Be Inspired by Kouvola, Experience Pure Nature, Culture & Sights, Events) or by destination/region (Tykkimäki, Repovesi and Verla area, Mustila area, etc.) The services section is a directory.

The site was launched in June 2016. The Finnish site was created first, after which the translators got to work. The site is trilingual: in Finnish, English, and Russian.

The professionals section includes content for tour operators, media and local tourist companies.

Site technology

Kouvola Innovation Oy is responsible for the technical operation of the site. For technical reasons, however, the accuracy stability and timeliness of the information on the website cannot be guaranteed in all situations. Kouvola Innovation Oy is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the VisitKouvola site.

The technical implementation and background database of the site are provided by atFlow Oy. The site’s visual identity was designed by NitroID advertising agency.

What is the VisitKouvola tourist brand?

The aim is:

  • To strengthen the positive image of the city of Kouvola
  • Significantly improve the reputation of the Kouvola region (Kouvola and Iiti) among both domestic and international tourists
  • To support the region’s companies to increase sales to selected target groups
  • To encourage positive feelings about the region by sharing personal stories and expressions of pride.

VisitKouvola selects the topics for the website articles. VisitKouvola has defined its own tone of voice which acts as a guideline for producing texts and selecting images.

Thank you to all those involved in creating the site: travel companies, writer John Behm, Kouvola Camera Club, a number of amateur and professional photographers, and our partners!

We would love to hear your ideas for developing the site: