“All roads lead to Rome, I’ll go to Kouvola ..."

You can get to anywhere in Finland  by train from Kouvola and the city is well-known as a rail communications hub. Trains go from Kouvola to Helsinki almost every hour and the fastest journey time is just over 1 hour. The travel centre (railway station and bus station) is in the city centre and the pedestrian promenade starts just where you step out of the station.

You can also easily get to Kouvola with a car from Helsinki-Vantaa airport and the airport also has several different car rental companies.

Kouvola is the first city where the train from Russia stops. The journey from St Petersburg to Kouvola by Allegro train takes just over 2 hours. You can get from Moscow to Kouvola and back overnight with the Tolstoy train. Simply hop on the train in the evening and in the morning, you’ve reached your destination.

Highways 6 and 15 intersect in Kouvola. Helsinki is 136 km away, Lahti 60 km, Lappeenranta 86 km, and Kotka 50 km.

Ryanair is has also recently started flights to Kouvola's neighbouring city, Lappeenranta. This means that Helsinki-Vantaa is no longet the only close airport to Kouvola and you can easily get from Lappeenranta to Kouvola.

Other location facts: the province is Kymenlaakso. Kouvola is another of the centers of Kymenlaakso. 

The population of Kouvola is about 85 000, spread over a huge area of 2885 km2.

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You can access the Kouvola map service  to see a map of the city

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