Manor Houses of Kouvola

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The manors of Kouvola will enchant the whole family.

The Manor Houses of Kouvola exhibition, opening on 28 November in the Poikilo Museums, captivates viewers with its interiors. The exhibition shows what life was like on ordinary days, high days and holidays in Kouvola manor houses. Velvet, abundance, crystal, candlelight and silverware. Stories, photographs, magnificent artefacts and beautiful costumes.

Manors were at the forefront of social change. They contributed to the development of agriculture, industrialisation and civilisation. The exhibition highlights the implications for individuals and families.

Miss Jacobina Charlotta, a nineteenth-century lady of the manor, guides children through the exhibits. For children there is also a workshop and fun activity room.

Alexander Reichstein’s delicate figures will light up the park at Kouvola House from the opening up to 8 December.


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