Kimolantie 174, 47710 Jaala

Repojotos was born around the passion and expertise of one woman, entrepreneur Paula Niskala. Our services are produced in cooperation with our own staff and the Repovesikeskus network in the Kouvola and Iitti region, in Repovesi National Park and in Verla.

Repojotos’ services are produced by certified guides and foraging experts of Repovesi National Park. We also cooperate with various nature specialists. 

Our main products are guided hiking or paddling tours for companies and groups in Repovesi National Park, Verla and elsewhere in the Iitti and Kouvola region. Typical events are team building days, which may also be combined with meetings.

We also run themed tours which are open for everyone, such as bat excursions, wild herb and mushroom picking trips, and paddling courses.

Hire and sales

We offer short or long term hire of paddling equipment, canoes, kayaks and SUP-boards. Our services also include transport.

In addition to equipment hire we also sell canoes, kayaks, SUP-boards and paddling equipment. We transport these to the client’s home or summer cottage in the Iitti and Kouvola region, and further afield if required.

Repojotos is included in the Repovesikeskus group

Through Repojotos you can access all of Repovesikeskus’ services, i.e. accommodation, meetings, events and related catering services.

Bookings can be made over the phone, via email and online.