Harju Holiday Farm

Sorsankuja 28, 46450 Enäjärvi

Two lakes, Enäjärvi and Sanijärvi are part of a larger body of water spanning more than 300 hectares, which consists of a few larger stretches of open water and meandering river scenery.

Our farm is east of Kouvola, 32 kilometres towards Lappeenranta.

You can stay in our log cabins, Vanhapaikka and Kannila, all year round. Each is equipped with an indoor toilet, shower, sauna, tableware, wood/charcoal grill, local fishing licence and rowing boat. You can rent either cabin for as long as it suits you; longer rentals are priced individually. Two summer cottages are also available for long-term rent, in summer only. The smoke sauna in its own garden, the Vanha Tupa, is also available for rent during the summer months.

In the harvest season we sell our own produce direct from the farm. The main produce is fresh and dried garlic, but we also grow red and white onions, shallots, leeks and peas.

Why not try our catering services for your party or event or direct sales?