Ankkapurha Industrial Museum

Kuitutie 2, 46900 Inkeroinen

The first wood mill was built on Lohisaari in 1872. Today, the Ankkapurha Industrial Museum is located on the same site, in the old cardboard mill, showing the working and living conditions of the staff and the development of the industry over 150 years.

At the heart of the museum and its most valuable exhibit is Finland's first continuously operating cardboard machine, which started up in 1897 and was finally shut down in 1978. The site was opened as a museum in 1997.

Among the hundreds of photographs in the museum, you can come and see familiar faces or your own relatives, as well as learn about the mill's highlights and milestones. There is also an exhibition on the "Ammoin Ankkapurhassa" and a photographic exhibition on the events of 1918 and their impact on the Ingerois mill and the mill community.

Admission to the museum is FREE. Guided tours cost €30 and can be booked in advance at or 040 534 8531.