Oravala Manor

Tammipuisto 60, 45940 Oravala

Oravala Manor is located on route 46, 17 km from the centre of Kouvola and 16 km from Verla. The estate was established there in 1671, but the first residents arrived on the land the Middle Ages. Oravala Manor and its oak park were on the borders of the kingdom, experienced a devastating fire and set the scene for the lives of influential owners for centuries.

Learn about the interesting personalities and the fatal turning points in the history of the manor on a guided tour. We walk in the oak park and old courtyard, and end by visiting the historic home museums. The Old House is the oldest residential building on the estate, on the north wing of the courtyard. It dates from the 1730–50s, and was spared in the devastating fire of 1918. In the old stables you can see objects and images related to the agricultural history of the estate.

You can take a coffee break and sit back for a moment to enjoy the milieu and a traditional coffee. The pastries are baked to our own manor recipe.

The visit can also be combined with a refreshing KymiSun boat trip on the Kymi River. Oravala Manor also hosts cultural heritage events.

Oravala Manor is a working farm. A small flock of sheep trims the grass and organic grain grows in the ancient fields. The couple who owns Oravala Manor are the fifth generation of the Hornborg family. The manor is open by appointment for groups and events. Come and enjoy the cultural heritage at Oravala Manor!