Kouvolankatu Subway

Kouvolankatu 13, 45100

We make your Subi® according to your choice of ingredients, from start to finish. You can choose from seven different types of bread in two sizes: 15 cm Subi® for the not so hungry and 30 cm Subi® for the really hungry. If you’re travelling in a larger group, try our sub platter or impressive giant sub. 

You can make your very own sub or choose a ready-made alternative on our menu. You can also double the fillings or treat yourself to extras. Add the perfect touch with roasted onions or parmesan cheese. Enjoy your Subi® toasted and crispy or as it is — whatever you like!

We also have delicious wraps. All our Subis® are available as wraps made with a tomato and basil tortilla. Try them out!