Sauna Package

Sauna Package

Maatilamatkailu Tuhannen Tarinan Talo – Farmhouse Accommodation


*Included in the price: Smoke sauna, sauna facilities, infrared sauna, wood sauna and an electric sauna, a jacuzzi for two and an bathing tub for six. The price also includes towels and non-alcoholic drinks.

Our sauna package is suited even for the most demanding customers. This package is a complete sauna experience. This package is perfect for groups who want to take it easy and relax.

Tuhannen Tarinan Talo provides a great setting for enjoying sauna. The traditional smoke sauna has room for 15 persons. There is also an infrared sauna and a traditional wood sauna. The facilities also have showers and toilets.

We can also provide a buffet or small snacks per agreement. You can also spend the night at Tuhannen Tarinan Talo, we provide accommodation year around for a maximum of 23 people and during the summer for 38. The drive to Kouvola takes about 30 minutes.

The packages can be modified for your needs, so please feel free to contacts us and ask for more details.



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Maatilamatkailu Tuhannen Tarinan Talo – Farmhouse Accommodation

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