Meetings and Company Retreats

Meetings and Company Retreats

Anjala Youth Centre

Anjala Youth Centre is a perfect place for a refreshing company retreat or a meeting.

Anjala can provide accommodation for a total of 140 people. The apartment’s house 12 – 15 people and all of them have rooms for 3 – 4 people, a unified kitchen, a living space and toilets and showers.

You can cook in the apartments and they have a set of dishes. One of the apartments is suitable for handicap people. Smoking is prohibited in any of the apartments.

We also arrange food services for groups per order. Please, feel free to contact us and ask for more details.

Meetings and conventions

  • Anjala Youth Centre is a perfect place for a refreshing company retreat or a meeting.
  • Meetings and conventions
  • We offer different facilities for groups of 10 – 150 people. You can choose from:
  • Cabinet Margarethe for 36 people
  • Regina-school for 30 people
  • Katariina for 24 people
  • Matilda for 20 people
  • Sauna facilities for 10 – 15 people
  • Classroom A for 40 people
  • Gymnasium for 150 people (not available in 2019)

Equipment for the different facilities can be arranged per agreement. We can offer white boards, projectors and WiFi. You can also order coffee and food from our restaurant to your needs. We can also provide different programs for meetings and conventions.

Company retreats

Our programs for adults have been divided by length and price to varied packages. You can choose from exercise and adventure, teamwork and working together or programs related to the history of the area. Some examples include:

  •  Mountain biking – according to the groups skill level
  • Paddling with a big canoe – working as a team while paddling
  • Anjala Rogaining – working as a team in nature
  • Relaxing and wellbeing – a moment to yourself
  • Drama class – fun acting challenges
  • Anjala time machine – getting lost in history

Please, feel free to contact us and let’s plan a memorable and fun company retreat for your group!



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