Privacy policy

Personal Data Act (523/1999) § 10 & § 24

Version dated: 21 June 2016/27 April 2018

1. Controller
Kouvola Innovation Oy, company no. 2221859-6, VisitKouvola. Paraatikenttä 4, 45100 Kouvola. Tel. +358 (0)20 615 2710,,

2. Person responsible for privacy policy and/or contact person
Kirsi Vainio
Contact details: +358 (0)20 615 5885, Paraatikenttä 4, 45100 Kouvola.

3. Name of the register
Kouvola Innovation Oy / VisitKouvola customer register

4. The personal data is to be processed/register is to be used:
a) in accordance with the general conditions in § 8 of the Personal Data Act, e.g.
- managing and maintaining customer relationships
- customer letters and messages
b) processing of personal data in accordance with Section 4 of the Personal Data Act for specific purposes
- research
- direct marketing and other addressed mailings

5. Content of the register
Name and email.
If the customer so chooses, also the postal address and telephone number.

6. Regular sources of data
Customer’s own notification (email, via the internet, at trade fairs in connection with prize draws or similar). Register data is collected and updated regarding the natural and legal persons who have given their consent to communication, marketing or advertising at trade fairs or events in writing and electronically via the website

7.-8. Regular disclosure of data and data transfer outside the EU or European Economic Area
Data is not disclosed to third parties or transferred outside the EU or European Economic Area. VisitKouvola and third parties authorized by VisitKouvola reserve the right to use data on companies and products on the website and any notified changes in the data for marketing tourism and services in the region.

9. Data protection principles
a) Manually stored data
- stored in a locked room.
b) electronically stored data
- computers are sufficiently monitored, and access to is only available to specific persons with a user name and password.

10. Access rights and realization of this right
Each person in the register has the right to inspect the data about themselves. The right of inspection is free of charge once a year (12 months). The request must be made in writing by personally signed letter, email or in person with the controller. Inspection requests should be made to the responsible person (see Point 2).

11. Rectification and realization of the rectification
Each person in the register has the right to require the correction of incorrect data. The correction request should be made in writing and in sufficient detail. Correction requests should be made to the responsible person (see Point 2).

12. Other rights
Each person in the register has the right to prohibit the processing and use of their personal data for purposes other than those listed in Point 4. Prohibition requests should be made to the responsible person (see Point 2).